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Promotional Sales Meterials NBC Universal
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Ambient Videos
Wellcome Trust
Exponential IAB Event Stand
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Ambient Videos
Wellcome Trust
Fruition Properties Re-brand, Ambient Movie and Website
Branding & Packaging Design Elivar
Original Branding Kalashnikov Brands
Branding and Website Money Off Media
Halloween Comic

Ambient Videos
Wellcome Trust
Monster & Open University Promotional Microsite
Brand Relaunch ITV
Promotional Collateral BBC Global News
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Wellcome Trust Educational Showreel
ITV Commercial TOWIE Chocolate Stiletto Desk Drop
Peel Engineering 'The Smallest Car in the World' Style Guide
inMobi 'Vintage Strongman' Promotional Desk Drop
Sony Entertainment Re-branding
ITV Text Santa Interactive Microsite
ITV Commercial Rugby World Cup Exhibition Panels Brand Extension Campaign
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